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  • Hey Jono, I know you said below frame 5, but there were only two non neutrals below 5, so I'll list them all:

    Seed:881201F4 Date:2011 08 05 Time:18:51:45 Delay:489 Frame: 5 Nature: Timid Ability:0 Gender: M

    Seed:8D0301F4 Date:2011 08 12 Time:03:00:45 Delay:489 Frame:12 Nature: Sassy Ability: 1 Gender: M

    Seed:B71301F4 Date:2011 08 12 Time:19:42:45 Delay:489 Frame:7 Nature:Mild Ability:1 Gender: F

    Seed:E30201F4 Date:2011 08 17 Time:02:46:45 Delay:489 Frame:13 Nature:Modest Ability:0 Gender:F

    Seed:280301F4 Date:2011 08 25 Time:03:51:45 Delay:489 Frame:3 Nature:Gentle Ability:0 Gender:M

    Seed:230D01F4 Date:2011 08 25 Time:13:46:45 Delay:489 Frame:14 Nature:Jolly Ability:0 Gender:M

    Seed:291001F4 Date:2011 08 25 Time:16:52:45 Delay:489 Frame:8 Nature:Hasty Ability:0 Gender:M

    Seed:501201F4 Date:2011 08 31 Time:18:43:45 Delay:489 Frame:8 Nature:Calm Ability:1 Gender:M
    I say your post in Simple Questions/Requests. I found you a bunch of options. but here's one that, (If I understand what your looking for) should work

    Seed: C3000200 Time: 00:27:12 Delay 501 Frame 5 (adamant, F, ability 1)

    I hope is helps/is actually what you were looking for!
    Seed:371701f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:23:04:45 Delay:489 Frame: 10 Nature: Rash Ability:1 Gender: F

    Seed:350e01f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:14:02:45 Delay:489 Frame:1 Nature: Naive Ability: 0 Gender: F

    Seed:5d0701f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:07:42:45 Delay:489 Frame:1 Nature:Lax Ability:1 Gender: M

    Seed:430601f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:06:16:45 Delay:489 Frame:4 Nature:Quiet Ability:1 Gender:F

    Seed:DF0001F4 Date:2011 06 25 Time:00:28:45 Delay:489 Frame:12 Nature:Relaxed Ability:1 Gender:F

    Seed:E10301F4 Date:2011 06 25 Time:03:30:45 Delay:489 Frame:13 Nature:Mild Ability:1 Gender:M

    Seed:DC0401F4 Date:2011 06 25 Time:04:25:45 Delay:489 Frame:7 Nature:Brave Ability:1 Gender:F

    I left out serious as it is a neutral nature.
    So I can redis them but who I trade them to can't?
    If you ever need any more RNG Reporter help, I'm here to help
    Sorry, I was out this morning, I'll VM you when you're online, and thanks :)
    Good luck with all the ID/SID abusing
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